Patch-Through Calls

Make sure they hear you – loud and clear.

Patch through campaignPatch-through phone calls are a fast, cost-effective way to make sure that Members of Congress, the White House, Governors, regulators, policymakers or just about any official hear from their constituents on the issue you care about… right away.


Our proven approach makes sure that the right constituents are delivering the right messages. We use our data model to identifying the kinds of voters and grassroots activists that will be most interested and impacted, and then educate them on how the issue will impact them and give them a simple, immediate way to respond.


Ready to Roll
Is news breaking quickly? No problem. A vote get scheduled overnight? No worries. Amendment just drop? Just call us today and we can launch a Patch-through call campaign within 24 hours.


Our highly trained teams of skilled callers can have the phones ringing in your key offices within hours. We fully understand “crisis mode” and are ready to jump in and help. Whether a specific policymaker needs to hear from tens or thousands of constituents, we are ready to help meet your goals and make an impact.


Accountable and Affordable
We will provide in-depth reporting to you first thing each morning on how the campaign has performed, formatted and ready to share based on your specific needs. We provide full transparency to show you what’s working and what’s not – so approaches and messages can be adjusted as needed. But this premium quality doesn’t come at a premium price. We can offer industry-leading pricing by working with our exclusive network of highly-trained political professionals.


A Strategic Partner
Unlike many other firms, your partners at Opinion Leaders have personally worked on Capitol Hill and in the state Capitol. We understand how bills move, how members and staff think and function and how to craft compelling messages. When you work with Opinion Leaders, you aren’t simply paying for a tactic — you’re getting a strategic partner who will help you achieve your goals by including both “tried and true” and “out of the box” approaches.


To get started driving targeted phone calls, you only need to make one call — to Opinion Leaders.