Grasstops & Earned Media

Bringing your message to life back home

Voters: the long-forgotten force that really drives what happens in Washington and the state Capitol.


Even the best lobbying strategy will fail if an elected official is concerned that voters back home will punish him or her for taking the vote. A few well-placed opinion leaders and some impactful communications can change that.


Whether the right influencers are business owners, affluent buyers, soccer moms, newspaper editors, small town mayors or even members of Congress, we know how to identify them and motivate them to advocate on your behalf. Our outreach strategy will make sure your message is delivered directly.


We pair that with a surgical advertising campaign to heighten awareness of the issue. We have every Congressional District in the country mapped so we are only spending your valuable resources in the districts and states that matter the most, and targeting only the opinion leaders who can actually sway the conversation.


Our team includes a broad network of government and public relations specialists across the country who help us engage only the best targets for your issue.


The results? The officials you care most about hearing about your issue from the people they care most about: the voters who elect them.

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